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Deftones-Unreleased And Rares Full Album Zip

Deftones-Unreleased And Rares Full Album Zip

Deftones are one of the most influential and innovative bands in the alternative metal scene, blending elements of rock, metal, shoegaze, dream pop, and experimental music. They have released nine studio albums, four EPs, and several singles since their formation in 1988. However, they also have a lot of songs that never made it to their official albums. These songs include demos, covers, remixes, collaborations, live recordings, and unreleased tracks from various sessions. Some of these songs have been leaked online, while others remain hidden in the band's vaults. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting and rare songs by Deftones that you can download in a zip file.

Eros (Unreleased)

Eros is the name of the album that Deftones were working on in 2008, before their bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a car accident that left him in a coma. The album was shelved indefinitely, as the band decided to start from scratch and record Diamond Eyes instead. Eros was supposed to be a darker and heavier album than their previous ones, with more experimental and electronic elements. Only one song from Eros, "Smile", was officially released by the band in 2014, as a tribute to Cheng who passed away in 2013. However, some other songs from Eros have been leaked online by anonymous sources, such as "Leveler", "Objectify", "Oura", and "Fantasia". You can download the zip file of Eros (Unreleased) [here].

Download Zip:

The Complete Collection Of Unreleased And Rare Songs (Zip)

If you are looking for a more comprehensive collection of Deftones' unreleased and rare songs, you can download the zip file of The Complete Collection Of Unreleased And Rare Songs [here]. This zip file contains 79 songs by Deftones that span their entire career, from their early demos to their latest collaborations. Some of the highlights of this collection are:

  • "7 Words" - One of the first songs by Deftones, recorded in 1992. It showcases their raw and aggressive style, influenced by bands like Rage Against The Machine and Korn.

  • "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) - Acoustic; 2005 Remaster" - A beautiful acoustic version of one of their most popular songs, featuring guest vocals by Jonah Matranga.

  • "Change (In The House Of Flies) - Tourist Remix" - A remix of their hit single by British electronic musician Tourist, adding a chill and atmospheric vibe to the original song.

  • "Drive" - A cover of The Cars' classic song, recorded for the soundtrack of the movie Underworld: Evolution. It features guest vocals by Shaun Lopez of Far.

  • "Elite - Blanck Mass Remix" - A remix of their Grammy-winning song by Blanck Mass, a solo project of Benjamin John Power from Fuck Buttons. It transforms the song into a noisy and distorted industrial track.

  • "Feiticeira - Clams Casino Remix" - A remix of their opening track from White Pony by Clams Casino, a producer known for his work with artists like A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey. It adds a dreamy and ethereal touch to the song.

  • "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - Live" - A live cover of The Cure's song, performed at MTV Icon: The Cure in 2004. It shows Deftones' admiration and influence by The Cure's music.

  • "Knife Prty - Purity Ring Remix" - A remix of their collaboration with Rodleen Getsic by Purity Ring, a Canadian synth-pop duo. It enhances the contrast between Getsic's haunting vocals and Chino Moreno's soothing vocals.

  • "MX" - A hidden track from Around The Fur that features guest vocals by Annalynn Cunningham. It is a long and experimental song that ends with a humorous conversation between the band members.

These are just some examples of the many gems that you can find in this zip file. If you are a fan of Deftones, you will surely enjoy listening to these rare and unreleased songs that showcase their versatility and creativity as a band.


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