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Have fun with voice cloning; an online program that coverts the text you input into audio clips using the voice of beloved characters. The characters on the program are subject to change, but some of the voices users have been able to choose from include characters from Rick and Morty, Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Spongebob SquarePants and more. The creator is delightfully entertaining to follow on Twitter as well. voice download software is a non-commercial freeware AI web-based application that can be used to create natural high-fidelity emotive text to speech voices. The app generates these voices from an assortment of fictional characters from a variety of media sources. So, if you want to use your favorite fictional characters' voices for different purposes, should be your 'go-to.' creates voices in real-time, which means that as soon as you input the text content onto the platform and choose the voice of your choice, the artificial intelligence technology creates the voiceover right away. The platform uses a combination of audio synthesis algorithms, speech synthesis deep neural networks, and sentiment analysis models to generate and serve emotive character voices faster and in real time.

A leading text to speech software, Murf enables users to create voiceovers using the 120+ natural-sounding voices it offers in 20+ languages. Murf is economical and provides multiple features like voice changer, voice cloning, and customizations such as pitch, emphasis, speed, volume, and pronunciation that help streamline the voiceover creation process. The text to speech platform serves as a cost-effective and time-intensive alternative to the overall process of hiring a voice actor, getting them to record a script, renting a recording studio, and outsourcing the final audio file to an audio engineer to mix and edit the voiceover.

Unlimited downloads, access to all 120+ voices in 20+ languages, commercial usage rights, dedicated account representative, voice changer, voice cloning, unlimited voice generation and storage, deletion recovery, and much more.

Uberduck is a text to speech service with a celebrity voice bank and an AI voice synthesizer. It's an open-source text to speech, voice cloning, and voice automation app that allows users to mimic the voices of celebrities, cartoon characters, and others and add them to their videos.

From rappers like Kanye West, Drake, and 21 Savage to fictional characters like Family Guy's Peter Griffin or Breaking Bad's Walter White, Uberduck TTS offers over two thousand voices. Uberduck also provides a 'private voice clone' plan that enables users to use the API to train on samples of their own voice.

Users can enter the sentence of their choice on the Uberduck platform, choose a voice, and have the sentence read aloud in the voice of their liking. The software also has an image generation feature.

An online free text to speech platform, FakeYou makes it easy to create AI-based deepfakes. The voice program uses machine learning to create realistic voices that anyone can recognize from popular culture. FakeYou offers over 2,000 voice cloning options, including Donald Trump, Elsa, Hulk, and other characters from movies and TV shows. The tool also supports open-source voice models. Along with TTS, FakeYou also offers a video creation feature. voice generator online voice clone download voice synthesizer free download voice changer download voice over download voice maker download voice editor download voice modulator download voice recorder download voice converter download text to speech download speech to text download realistic voice download natural voice download human voice download neural voice download artificial voice download synthetic voice download machine voice download computer voice download tf2 voice download portal voice download mlp voice download spongebob voice download rick and morty voice download adventure time voice download gravity falls voice download steven universe voice download star wars voice download harry potter voice download lord of the rings voice download game of thrones voice download marvel voice download dc voice download disney voice download pixar voice download anime voice download cartoon voice download movie voice download video game voice download

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Narakeet is a text to speech software with a rich library of 80 languages and 500+ voices. It is used for creating video from images, converting PPT to video, and images to video. Users simply need to submit their voiceover text in the presenter notes, and Narakeet will automatically generate voice-enabled slideshows from them. Narakeet also has templates that can be used for quick video creation. is a text to speech software that can convert any text or doc into speech in various languages. It supports 900+ voices in 140+ languages. What differentiates from other software is the quality of voices and customizations that add real depth to the voiceovers. has recently introduced ultra-realistic voices, offering the most suited voices for various use cases like e-books, podcasts, IVR, and more.

Content creation may be a regular activity, crucial for the survival of a business or any channel. Let's say you are an eLearning content creator, posting a video daily for students using a text to speech software. But how will you manage when the TTS software goes down? This is where the reliability of Murf comes in. Murf does not face bugs and glitches and can be used to create voiceovers for your content from any device at any time.

The most important feature of TTS software is the quality and diversity of voices. And Murf clicks both these boxes. Each voice available in Murf is 100 percent natural sounding. The software's customization features, such as pause, emphasis, speed, pitch, and pronunciation, add life more depth to the AI voices, making them indistinguishable from human voices.

With Murf's voice cloning services, you can create an AI clone of your favorite voice cost-effectively. The AI clones created by a user are exclusive to his account and can not be accessed by others. Moreover, data is securely encrypted to ensure maximum security.

While there are tons of alternatives out there when it comes to finding an easy-to-use app that provides all the features and access you need, and with very high-quality realistic voices, Murf comes out on top! is popular among fans of various media franchises, such as My Little Pony, Team Fortress 2, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Those who use it to create voiceovers, dub videos, or have fun with their favorite characters.

With the new Role TTS AI Engine, it allows you to choose from hundreds of fictional characters, anime, cartoons, or real celebrity voices. You can find popular voices like Duke Nukem, Yoda, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Stephen Hawking, etc. is a non-commercial freeware artificial intelligence web application that generates natural emotive high-fidelity[a] text-to-speech voices from an assortment of fictional characters from a variety of media sources.[4][5][6][7] Developed by an anonymous MIT researcher under the eponymous pseudonym 15, the project uses a combination of audio synthesis algorithms, speech synthesis deep neural networks, and sentiment analysis models to generate and serve emotive character voices faster than real-time, particularly those with a very small amount of trainable data.

Launched in early 2020, began as a proof of concept of the democratization of voice acting and dubbing using technology.[8] Its gratis and non-commercial nature (with the only stipulation being that the project be properly credited when used), ease of use, no user account registration requirement, and substantial improvements to current text-to-speech implementations have been lauded by users;[5][9][4][6] however, some critics and voice actors have questioned the legality and ethicality of leaving such technology publicly available and readily accessible.[8][10][11]

Credited as the impetus behind the popularization of AI voice cloning (also known as audio deepfakes) in content creation and as the first publicly available AI vocal synthesis project to involve the use of existing popular fictional characters, has had a significant impact on multiple Internet fandoms, most notably the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Team Fortress 2, and SpongeBob SquarePants fandoms. Furthermore, has inspired the use of 4chan's Pony Preservation Project in other generative artificial intelligence projects.[12][13]

Several commercial alternatives have spawned with the rising popularity of, leading to cases of misattribution and theft. In January 2022, it was discovered that Voiceverse NFT, a company that voice actor Troy Baker announced his partnership with, had plagiarized's work as part of their platform.[14][15][16]

For years, reducing the amount of data required to train a realistic high-quality text-to-speech model has been a primary goal of scientific researchers in the field of deep learning speech synthesis.[35][36] The developer of claims that as little as 15 seconds of data is sufficient to clone a voice up to human standards, a significant reduction in the amount of data required.[9][37] was designed and created by an anonymous research scientist affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology known by the alias 15.[40] The project began development while the developer was an undergraduate. The developer has stated that they are capable of paying the high cost of running the site out of pocket.[9]

According to posts made by its developer on Hacker News, costs several thousands of dollars per month to operate; they are able to support the project due to a successful startup exit.[41] The developer has stated that during their undergraduate years at MIT, they were paid the minimum hourly rate to work on a related project (approximately $14 an hour in Massachusetts[42]) that eventually evolved into They also stated that the democratization of voice cloning technology is not the only function of the website; in response to a user asking whether the research could be conducted without a public website, the developer wrote:

In addition, the developer has stated that the logo of, which features a robotic Twilight Sparkle, is an homage to the fact that her voice (as originally portrayed by Tara Strong) was indispensable to the implementation of emotional contextualizers.[41] has been met with largely positive reception. Liana Ruppert of Game Informer described as "simplistically brilliant."[5] Lauren Morton of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Natalia Clayton of PCGamer called it "fascinating,"[7][6] and José Villalobos of LaPS4 wrote that it "works as easy as it looks."[18][b] Users praised the ability to easily create audio of popular characters that sound believable to those unaware that the voices had been synthesized by artificial intelligence: Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku reported that "[his] girlfriend was convinced it was a new voice line from GLaDOS' voice actor, Ellen McLain,"[4] while Rionaldi Chandraseta of Towards Data Science wrote that, upon watching a YouTube video featuring popular character voices generated by, "[his] first thought was the video creator used to pay for new dialogues from the original voice actors" and stated that "the quality of voices done by is miles ahead of [its competitors]."[9]


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