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3D Driving Class APK Download - Experience Realistic Driving in 3D

3D Driving Class: A Realistic Driving Simulator Game for Android

Do you want to learn how to drive or improve your driving skills? Do you want to have fun while doing so? If yes, then you should try 3D Driving Class, a realistic driving simulator game for Android devices. In this article, we will tell you what 3D Driving Class is, how to download it from apkpure, what are its features, and what are its benefits. Let's get started!

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What is 3D Driving Class?

3D Driving Class is a simulation app that lets you practice driving in various scenarios. You can drive on the road, in the city, in the countryside, in the parking lot, and more. You can also follow the traffic rules, signals, signs, and speed limits. You can even experience different weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, and night.

But 3D Driving Class is not just a simulation app. It is also a game that follows the South Korean driver's license test. You can take the written test, the parking test, the road test, and the final test. You can earn points and stars based on your performance. You can also unlock new levels and modes as you progress.

Moreover, 3D Driving Class is a fun and educational way to learn the rules of the road. You can watch videos and read tips that explain how to drive safely and correctly. You can also learn about the culture and history of South Korea through various landmarks and attractions. You can even customize your avatar and vehicle to suit your style.

How to download 3D Driving Class from apkpure?

If you want to play 3D Driving Class on your Android device, you can download it from apkpure, a website that offers free APK files for various apps and games. Here are the steps to download 3D Driving Class from apkpure:

  • Visit the apkpure website and search for 3D Driving Class. You can use this link to go directly to the app page.

  • Download the APK file by clicking on the green button that says "Download APK". The file size is about 50 MB.

  • Install the APK file on your device by following the instructions on your screen. You may need to enable unknown sources in your settings to allow installation from third-party sources.

  • Enjoy the game and improve your driving skills!

What are the features of 3D Driving Class?

3D Driving Class has many features that make it a realistic and engaging driving simulator game. Here are some of them:

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  • Different modes and levels to choose from. You can play in free mode where you can drive freely and explore the map, or in test mode where you can take the driver's license test. You can also play in challenge mode where you can complete various missions and tasks. You can also adjust the difficulty level and the time limit according to your preference.

  • Realistic graphics and physics. The game has high-quality 3D graphics that make the driving experience more immersive and realistic. You can see the details of the vehicles, the roads, the buildings, and the surroundings. You can also feel the physics of the driving, such as the acceleration, the braking, the steering, and the collision.

  • Various vehicles and environments. The game offers a variety of vehicles to choose from, such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles. You can also customize your vehicle's color, model, and accessories. You can also drive in different environments, such as urban, rural, mountainous, coastal, and more. You can also change the weather and the time of day to suit your mood.

  • Online multiplayer and leaderboards. The game has an online multiplayer mode where you can play with other players from around the world. You can chat with them, race with them, or cooperate with them. You can also check your ranking and achievements on the leaderboards and compare your scores with others.

What are the benefits of playing 3D Driving Class?

Playing 3D Driving Class is not only fun but also beneficial for you. Here are some of the benefits of playing this game:

  • You can prepare for the real driver's license test. If you are planning to take the driver's license test in South Korea or in any other country that has a similar test system, you can use this game as a practice tool. You can learn the rules and regulations of driving, as well as the skills and techniques required to pass the test.

  • You can practice driving in a safe and fun way. If you are a beginner or a nervous driver, you can use this game as a way to improve your confidence and competence in driving. You can drive without worrying about accidents, traffic violations, or damages. You can also have fun while learning from your mistakes and feedback.

  • You can challenge yourself and compete with other players. If you are an advanced or a competitive driver, you can use this game as a way to test your abilities and skills in driving. You can challenge yourself with different modes, levels, missions, and tasks. You can also compete with other players online and see who is the best driver.


3D Driving Class is a great game for anyone who wants to learn how to drive or improve their driving skills. You can download it from apkpure and enjoy its realistic and engaging gameplay. You can also check out other 3d driving simulator games from apkpure, such as Driving School 2017, Car Simulator 2, or Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Whether you want to practice driving for fun or for real, 3D Driving Class is a game that you should try!


Q: Is 3D Driving Class free to play?

A: Yes, 3D Driving Class is free to download and play from apkpure. However, it may contain ads and in-app purchases that require real money.

Q: Is 3D Driving Class compatible with my device?

A: 3D Driving Class requires Android 4.1 or higher to run smoothly on your device. It may not work properly on older or lower-end devices.

Q: How can I update 3D Driving Class?

A: You can update 3D Driving Class by visiting the apkpure website and downloading the latest version of the APK file. Alternatively, you can enable auto-update in your settings to get notified when a new update is available.

Q: How can I contact the developer of 3D Driving Class?

A: You can contact the developer of 3D Driving Class by sending an email to or by visiting their Facebook page. You can also leave a review or a comment on the apkpure app page to share your feedback or suggestions.

Q: How can I play 3D Driving Class on PC?

A: You can play 3D Driving Class on PC by using an Android emulator software such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. You will need to download and install the emulator on your PC first, then download and install 3D Driving Class from the apkpure website. Then, you can launch the game from the emulator and play it on your PC.


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