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Buy Digital Itunes Card [UPDATED]

Valid only for U.S. transactions in Apple properties. For assistance, visit (Opens in a new window) or call 800-275-2273. Not redeemable at Apple resellers or for cash, and no resale, refunds, or exchanges, except as required by law. Apple is not responsible for unauthorized use. Terms apply; see (Opens in a new window). Issued by Apple Value Services, LLC (AVS). 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

buy digital itunes card

Your recipient can redeem an Apple Gift Card or App Store & iTunes gift card to their Apple Account balance. Then they can use that balance to buy subscriptions like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, or Apple TV+. Or they can buy apps, movies, books, and more from Apple.

An iTunes Gift Card, now known as an Apple Gift Card, can be used to shop the iTunes catalog including iTunes music, apps, movies, books and more. Taking the place of an iTunes gift card, the Apple Store gift card can be used to shop the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Arcade, the Apple Store app,, and the Apple Store.

In the case of some orders, to fight against payment fraud, we may need to send a request to verify your payment details with the upload of an identification card. If you get this request, this is a one-time request, and will make placing future orders much faster.

Everything you need to redeem a US iTunes Gift Card will be provided upon delivery, and can also be found on this page. If you follow these redeem instructions you should have no problems redeeming your gift card.

Looking for a safe and easy way to refill your Apple ID balance quickly? Buy an Apple Gift Card online now! Forget about linking credit cards or sharing bank details, use this secure prepaid credit to spend on your favorite Apple purchases in the iTunes store instead. That means, no surprise charges! Great, right? At Dundle (US), get your code in seconds with 24/7 instant digital delivery. So why wait? Redeem your code straight away for more store credit, app downloads, music, tv shows, movies and more!

Apple is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards or digital codes. That includes instances where a digital code or physical gift card is lost during code or card delivery. For the complete T&C of the iTunes Gift Card, visit for additional information.

If you want to buy an iTunes Gift Card for your friend, family member, or co-worker, there are many gift card amounts to select from. If you want to gift them a few songs, then a $2 iTunes gift card or a $5 iTunes Gift Card may suffice. does not accept Bitcoin as a payment method for iTunes digital codes. Furthermore, Apple does not accept Bitcoin either. If an online retailer offers Apple iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin as a payment method, you should be extra cautious, as it may be a scam or an unlicensed reseller.

Sure! While the Apple Gift Card is an easy treat for iPhone, iPad or Mac users, it can also be used for Apple Music on Android devices and on PC. How? Simply download the Music app on your Android device or the iTunes app on your PC. Redeem the gift card for a new subscription or to refill an existing balance. Enjoy the wide selection of more than 60 million songs, albums, shows, movies, podcasts and audiobooks. Not to mention, the hundreds of physical item options available in the Apple Store would make any user - Android or iOS happy!

It can take up to 24 hours to receive an Apple Gift Card via email. If 24 hours have passed and you still have not received it, take a look at the "Resend a gift" section of the following article to reissue the gift card.

Thank you it has come but I have bought the wrong apple gift card because when I redeem it it says something about purchasing it at the us store front so that means I got it from the wrong apple website

Target this week has launched one of the first notable App Store and iTunes gift card discounts since the holidays, offering shoppers the chance to buy one iTunes card at regular price and get a second one for 20 percent off. While not as good as the straight 15 percent discounts for a single card we've seen over the past few months, this is one of the only iTunes card sales going on right now, so it could be a good opportunity to add some credit to your iTunes account.

The offer is valid on $15, $25, $50, and $100 iTunes cards and will be delivered via email. The 20 percent discount will be applied to the lower priced item, so multiple price tiers can be added at once, and after two cards are placed in your cart you'll notice the discount. Target noted that quantities are limited, but the sale is planned to last through Friday, February 16 at 11:59 p.m. PT. We've rounded up a few examples of the savings you can net with Target's new offer below:

If you're a Costco member, you have a chance to save a bit more money with discounts closer to the 15 percent savings seen in previous iTunes gift card sales. Costco's members-only iTunes sale will end this Saturday, February 10.

In addition to the iTunes card sales, Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day might be worth checking out for anyone interested in saving money on an older, refurbished iMac. The timed deal has the 21.5-inch iMac from late 2013 (2.9GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD) priced at $699.99, down from $1,199.99. The iMac is sold by Woot through Amazon, and is said to show limited or no wear and include all original accessories.

You can choose the amount you want to add onto the new gift card and pick among five different designs. You can choose to send a gift card digitally or physically, like before. The new gift card option is available in the United States only to start, and you can get them now.

An App Store & iTunes card is a voucher that holds credits which can be used to conduct your purchases in the Apple App Store. Startselect has a wide variety of iTunes gift cards, namely 15 euro, 25 euro, 50 euro, 100 euro or variable credit with which you can choose your own value between 15 and 150 euro. Next to using the iTunes voucher for yourself, you can also choose to gift it to a friend or family member.

You can use your App Store gift card to top up your iTunes credits, in turn, with these iTunes credits you can make your purchases in the App Store & iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac. For example, you can directly exchange your App Store & iTunes credits for apps, games, films, music and e-books. Or to increase your iCloud storage capacity.

After purchasing an Apple iTunes card, your redeemable iTunes code will directly be shown on your screen and you will also receive it in your e-mail. You will always be able to retrieve your code from your Startselect-account. Do not share this code with strangers.

Give your friends and family the gift of access to millions of songs, apps, books, movies, and TV shows, with an iTunes card that gives them total freedom. Discover iTunes gift cards that fit every budget now.

In the world of digital currencies, bitcoin has been a buzzword for several years. It is one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies in the world. While there are several ways to purchase bitcoin, using an iTunes gift card is one of the easiest and safest options available. In this article, we will discuss the various uses of an iTunes gift card and how to buy bitcoin with it.

With the rise of digital payments, gift cards have become increasingly popular as a form of gifting. One of the most widely used gift cards is the iTunes gift card. Apart from using it to purchase music, movies, and apps, iTunes gift cards can also be used to purchase bitcoin.

An iTunes gift card is a digital card that can be used to purchase music, movies, apps, and other digital content from the iTunes store. These gift cards are available in different denominations and can be purchased both online and in physical stores.

Apart from being used to purchase digital content from the iTunes store, iTunes gift cards can also be used to make purchases from other Apple stores like the App Store, Apple Books, and the Apple TV app. In addition, iTunes gift cards can be used to make purchases from select third-party apps and websites that accept Apple Pay.

In conclusion, using an iTunes gift card to purchase bitcoin is a convenient and secure option for those who want to invest in digital currencies. With the added layer of security and privacy, it is a preferred option for many people. However, it is important to be cautious while purchasing gift cards and choosing a reputable bitcoin exchange to ensure the safety of your transactions. By following the tips mentioned above, you can safely and securely purchase bitcoin with an iTunes gift card.

What are Offgamers gift cards? The Offgamers gift cards are virtual gift cards designed to replace the regular gift cards and making it easier and more convenient for people to use. The gift cards are issued on Offgamers, a platform that is committed to helping people monetize the gaming industry via new products and concepts.

To add a vaccine card to Apple Wallet, download a verified vaccine record from a healthcare provider using a QR code or a link the healthcare provider or authority sends you, then tap Add to Wallet & Health. If you have a vaccine card already in your Health app, tap the record and select Add to Wallet. 041b061a72


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