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Garfield Lasagna Party-GoldBerg

Chris Pratt is apparently trying to corner the market on surprising voice roles. After landing the part of Mario in Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario Bros. film (and sparking a million Twitter jokes in the process), the Guardians of the Galaxy star is not content to rest. No, Pratt is now setting his eye on yet another animated pop-culture touchstone: everyone's favorite lasagna-eating, Mondays-hating feline.

Garfield Lasagna Party-GoldBerg

Pratt, of course, is no stranger to animated roles, having lent his voice to the LEGO Movie series and Onward. But his involvement in Garfield raises some questions: Will Pratt be adjusting his voice to differentiate between Mario and Garfield, or will they both now just sound like Andy Dwyer? Are there any similarities between the two roles? For example, does Mario also like lasagna, or am I making assumptions because he's Italian? How does he feel about Mondays?

Not over politics, or boy bands, or even the colors of a dress, but over Garfield the cat's gender. Because, while we all know that the lazy ginger kitty loves lasagna and hates Mondays, many would argue that we don't know whether the cat is a boy or a girl. And according to the Washington Post, Garfield's gender debate got so heated that it caused an all-out 60-hour editing war on Wikipedia.

The story of how comedy legend Bill Murray ended up voicing a lasagna-loving cat in a horrible live action/animated movie almost sounds like the plot to a comedy film itself: apparently, he'd been wanting to do a cartoon movie, and when a script came his way that appeared to have been written by the legendary Joel Coen (of the Coen brothers), he didn't look beyond the first few pages before signing up.As Murray tells the story, it wasn't until filming was about to begin that he learned the writer was not Joel Coen of The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men fame, but actually Joel Cohen, best-known for writing films like Monster Mash: The Movie and Cheaper By The Dozen. At that point, it was too late to back out, and Murray claims he spent weeks in the sound booth working on the dialogue in a futile attempt to save both Garfield and its sequel, A Tale of Two Kitties. It's definitely a cautionary tale, but now we wish the Coen Brothers would really make a Garfield movie. 041b061a72


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