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Every Waking Day Is A Blessing

Most parents have grand dreams for their children. An often asked question to kids would be “ what do you want to become when you grow up?”. Parents either want to see their kid’s interest and potential or draft a long-term plan charting the child’s career path. Parents want to visualize their kids becoming successful professionals someday.

We too have big plans and intentions for our children. Hence, we train them according to the counsel of the Bible. We lift them in prayer. We do whatever is wise to prepare them for the future such as giving them the best education according to our circumstances and investing for their future college fees (yes, we prepare for their future tuition fees as early as now).

In all these future preparations, we are also mindful to live in the present. We take one day at a time in terms of the moments spent with our children. We do not want to be consumed planning for their future at the expense of neglecting the joys of the present. For one, only God knows what the future holds for all of us. The Bible teaches us that we may make plans for our lives but ultimately it is the Lord’s plans that will prevail. We take hold of that truth for our children’s lives as we entrust them to the Lord.

Time flies fast as they say. I clearly remember those days when my wife and I can peacefully carry our children in our arms. That is no longer possible nowadays. They would rather run around the house, wrestle with mom and dad and jump without ceasing on top of our furniture until either one of them gets hurt or a house item gets broken. Nevertheless, we do not complain. We enjoy the moment. We lose our patience at times but we understand that it is part of the parenting journey.

One of those that we consider a blessing to our family is waking up in the morning with each other around. God could have taken our lives the night before. But because He is gracious and merciful, God allows us to spend another day as a family. This is God’s providence that moves us to be sincerely grateful to Him. Every day is a blessing. Every waking day is a blessing. 

One social media post even says “Every-gising is a blessing”. I agree. Waking up in the morning with our senses and faculties complete, despite the turmoil and challenges the day before, is a blessing that most people tend to ignore. The fact that you are alive today, reading this blog, is a blessing from the Lord. To top it all, your waking moment is with your family: your spouse, your children, or your parents. We can consider ourselves blessed just the fact that God gave us another day to live in this world.

Most of the time, we are so focused on the future when in fact there is no way to even tell with certainty what will happen to the world the next day. Jesus told his disciples to stop worrying about tomorrow. None of us can add another day to our lives by worrying. Worrying kills our appreciation for the small things in life. Instead, Jesus told His disciples to seek first the kingdom of God, and all their daily necessities, the things that they worry about, will be added unto them.

Every waking day with your spouse is a blessing. Every waking day with your children is a blessing . Every waking day with your family is a blessing. Live daily entrusting the future to God. Do your best at present with God’s daily provision. Hold on to God’s promises as you face the uncertainties of tomorrow.

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