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O Death, Where Is Your Sting?


Everyone will eventually die. No one is exempted. This is not a morbid proposition. It is a reality. It is the truth. And no, I am not doing this blog by way of premonition (not a fan of it, no offense meant) or because someone in my immediate family is about to pass away (Lord willing, just not yet). You may consider this reality either as a warning or a reminder to make everyday count for what comes after this life.


Being mindful of death will help us live wisely. I remember an illustration of a man who must eat a slice of bread daily. The twist is that one of the slices contains poison and he does not know which one is it. Consequently, the man lives each day that he survives as if it was his last. He makes every day count. He sees to it that no time is wasted and that all his actions will leave a lasting impact. I realized that the same is true for all of us. None of us can tell with certainty the day and hour of our death. No matter how healthy or wealthy someone is, we have very few options in contributing somehow to the longevity of life. Healthy living can minimize the risk of falling ill. Having money can give us access to the best medical attention. Nevertheless, when it is our time to bid goodbye to this world, no health or wealth can prevent it. Only God knows the date, the hour and the circumstance by which each one of us will face death.

Honestly, I dislike the idea of death. For those who even boast that they are not afraid to die, I consider their statement a bit selfish (again, no offense meant) when you know you have loved ones who will grieve and mourn your passing away.

I heard and read stories of soldiers who willingly gave up their lives during wars. But the willingness to die may not necessarily mean not being scared of death. One can be afraid but can be willing to die at the same time for a noble cause. I am willing to sacrifice my life in defense of my family but if given a choice, I prefer not to be placed in such a situation. If you are family-oriented, you will understand. I do not want to leave my wife and children at a very young age. I want to be physically present as they grow up and become the person that God wants them to be until they have their own family. Personally, this is a legitimate and acceptable premise for us to desire to remain alive!

For others, they are afraid to die not because they would be physically separated from their loved ones but because they do not know what would happen after this life. This uncertainty makes them dread death. Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? Where will my spirit go if they do exist? Is there eternity? Will I still have consciousness because of my spirit? Or this world is all that there is?

If your fear of death is due to a lack of an answer to those questions, you are in serious trouble and not know it. Not only do you have an unacceptable fear of death but life will be meaningless and purposeless. All that you have is an abstraction where everything does not make sense… and just when you thought you found the meaning of life, that meaning vanishes all of a sudden on account of certain circumstances you might be facing.

I believe in the theology of creation. I believe that a person is not a product of chance but

has a creator who created him for a purpose. I believe that we are not a product of evolution. I do not believe that we are a “developed species” in the family of apes or that we are merely an anatomical development. I believe that God created every single being on this planet. I believet hat He has a purpose and meaning for each one and that we are not placed in this world as an afterthought.

The unfortunate part is that we are in a miserable state of sinfulness that prevents us from seeing and realizing our purpose. Unless we admit our sinful state, we are in danger of living a life under a false idea of what life means in the first place. Worst, we

will go through each day just trying to survive and without any sense of direction. This cluelessness of purpose and meaning produces that fear of death. If we are having a “good life” we do not want it to end anytime soon. If it is otherwise, some of us may want to have long years to try to see if things will turn around. For most of us, we are afraid to die because we do not know the kind of judgment we will face. One of the most crucial questions which all of us must have a definite answer to is, “if you are going to die today, do you know where you are going?”

I am just so grateful that the savior of the world, Jesus Christ, conquered the power of the grave by dying for the sins of the world and resurrecting on the third day. This is the promise that God offers to those who put their faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. The saints will be resurrected in glory while the damned will be raised to suffer eternal judgment.

Recently, we went to a wake service of a friend’s relative who died from depression. The young lady committed suicide that ended what could have been a very bright career in

the field of medicine. There was so much mourning in the wake service coming from friends and relatives during the eulogy. This is the exact picture of what our death could mean as well for our loved ones.

The Bible says that a time will come when God himself will dwell among his people. At that time “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away”. God will soon make everything new. This is the promise that awaits those whose faith did not falter up to their last breath. They may physically die but there is a promise of resurrection. We are indeed created for eternity….. physical death is not the end.

A seed needs to die before it can bring forth fruit. All of us need to die before we can see the fulfilment of God’s promise in a glorified body. If death is merely a passage to ultimate glory, it has indeed lost all its power. Death no longer stings those who belong to Christ. Neither will there be remorse or sorrow in death to those who are certain of spending eternity in heaven….. not because of works or one’s own personal righteousness but solely because of the righteousness of Christ. 

cross at sunset

Cross and sunset

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