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TEN REASONS WHY WE LOVE OUR BOYS (And Why You Must Also Love Your Kids)


Becoming a father is one of the most important milestones and higher privileges that happened in my life. Life is something that we, humans, cannot create. It is a gift from God. Thus, the opportunity of becoming a parent is undeniably a blessing from heaven.

People who knew us often say that they cannot imagine how our home “looks like”. Having three boys ( and if the eldest child, which is me, will be included, then that makes

it four) at home is fun…..and wild! They turn the whole house upside down, literally and figuratively. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the word “chaos”, you are always welcome to visit our home. My kids know how to play and they are experts in giving their all when they do. By “all” means every ounce of energy that they have for that day. I am daring anyone to imagine how rowdy and messy it can be at times!

My wife and I love our boys. We will never trade parenting with anything in this world. If ever it is even possible to start our lives all over again, having our three boys is something that we will joyfully repeat in this life. We dearly love our boys because:

1.They are God’s creation.

2. They are heaven’s gift to us.

3. They are proof of God’s grace.

4. God entrusted them to us for proper rearing and biblical upbringing.

5.The sight of them in the morning brightens up our day.

6.Their presence fills our hearts with joy all the time.

7. They taught us how to love unconditionally and selflessly.

8. We learned endurance in sacrifices.

9. We realized that life is not just about mere existence but that God designed it for a purpose.

10. We got a glimpse of God’s heart as a father.

Although parenting is a lifetime experience, we also know that we have limited time to intentionally teach and train our children. A time will come when our boys will become fathers themselves. It is our constant prayer that we can effectively impart to them what parenthood means.

If you are a parent and you are reading this, our hearts go to you. The journey is challenging but the returns are fulfilling. When your child grows to be the kind of person that God wants Him to be, all the sacrifices will be worth it. If you are a child and you are reading this, learn from your parents. Cherish every moment with them. A time will come you will desire that your children do the same to you as well. Family relationship is God’s gift. Value every opportunity that you spend with family, whether as a parent or as a child.

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