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The Miracle Called Life

28 June 2018

– My wife gave birth to our 7.9 something pound baby , Eliakim Ramer. Three Aringay boys and I can just imagine how rowdy our home will become in the next few months, years even! I have to constantly remind myself that we would rather see them extremely active than sick. It’s our way to prolong and boost our patience in rearing our boys… when all else fails. 🙂

I often tell my friends that every time I see a newborn, it strengthens my faith as to the belief that life can never be a product of accident. We do not need to look any further just to witness a miracle. A child being formed inside the mother’s womb is amazing and supernatural!

God’s wisdom is too comprehensive that He ordains the date and time of our birth. We named our third child Eliakim (Hebrew name which means “ God will develop; whom God will raise up) as an expression of our strong belief that God has a purpose for His life in this world. We are simply excited as to how God will raise Him up and how He will use us to accomplish this plan! Parents raising up future fathers is a challenge that makes us a bit edgy but grateful at the same time.

The next few days maybe characterized by sleepless nights (Lord please not too much of this! 🙂 ), physical exhaustion as my wife breastfeeds our newborn and normal concerns to ensure and protect the health of Eliakim. We are aware of the tasks ahead. We went through it before with our two boys. We will get over it. We will get use to it. However, there is one thing, which I believe, will remain to be an amazement to us. The miracle of Eliakim’s life- from the womb then to this world.

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