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The Night When I Have No Answers


It was the night of 28 July 2018 that I have no answers, for the first time, to the question of my son Elijah. Actually I did give an answer… “Honestly Anak, I do not know why?” was the best reply that I can give at that time.


Our discussion on the story of the Trojan Horse

Since Elijah started to ask those “engaging” questions (a number of them came up when we started homeschool) I believe I am doing well in my response to his queries. I became use to replying over questions such as “Why must Jesus die for our sins?”, “Why cannot I hear God answer my prayers?”, “How do I build a kingdom?” and the likes. Just last night and after studying the Legend of the Trojan Horse in the epic poem of Iliad by Homer, he even asked where Paris and Helen of Troy went after death, whether heaven or hell… How I wish Time Stone is real so I could turn back time and skip discussing that topic in his history subject!

Back to 28 July 2018. During the wee hours of that day, Manila witnessed the longest


total lunar eclipse of the century. Fast asleep that night, we did not see the eclipse live. So I decided to take both Elijah and Ezekiel (our second child and saling ketket to our homeschool sessions) to a “journey to the outer space”in order to explore this scientific event called eclipse. In making this journey a reality, I tapped on the service of an ever reliable resource – You Tube 🙂 .

What originally was intended to see videos of lunar eclipse, extended to videos about the solar system. Starting from the sun, Elijah took on watching clips by the National Geographic about the planets of our solar system.

Right after he is done with the videos, I decided to give concluding remarks. I thought to myself it can be a way of establishing my authority as his primary teacher. Tatay must give the final take on the topic. I must show him I know this!

“So Elijah, the Earth’s distance from the sun is just the accurate distance to sustain life.” I declared with authority.


Astronomy is our supplemental material for our science subject this school year

“The Earth goes near even just a bit, life will cease to exist. It will be very hot. Earth moves farther, it will be cold and just the same life will also cease to exist”, proudly I said.

“But Tatay,” he interrupted

“If other planets do not have life, why did God even create them?” he continued

That was the moment… I went blank… I found myself asking the same question. Why did God create them? Avengers is not true right? That Thanos and his cohorts inhabits those planets type of reply won’t make any sense.

Oh well, I know I could have answered that God made them to reveal His power, glory and majesty. I believe that is the most accurate and theologically plausible answer. However, I went blank. I was trying to think of an answer that will let him see the usefulness of those planets to our existence. It was like trying to answer for the first time the question why cockroaches was even created, absent any knowledge and discussion on Ecological Balance. C’mon Eli come up with a kid friendly answer!

“Honestly Anak, I do not know why?” .. and all authority as a result of the proud conclusions I earlier made vanished. Moral of the story: An inquisitive mind of an innocent kid can crush one’s perceived knowledge! Hahahaha!

As we are getting ready to bed, I told my wife about the discussion I had with Elijah and how I miserably failed to answer his question.

“Elijah, you know why God created the other planets even when they do not support the existence of life?” Rona asked.

“Why, Mommy?” he replied.

“Because God wants to show how much He loves you! He created you and placed you in a planet called Earth where there is life. In this planet, you can live a life that can make God smile. He did not put you in another planet where you can just die. He wants to give you life. That is how much He loves you! “ Rona explained.

“oohhh! ok!” Elijah’s patented reply.

So in shame , but all smiles, I shook my head as I looked at my wife, amazed at her wisdom. She nodded while giving me that grin as if telling me “that is the million dollar answer”.

I realized the importance of being always mindful of the truth that God is love. Indeed, God is all knowing. He is powerful. He is majestic and glorious. He is great and magnificent. But above all , He is love. When Jesus came down to live in this world and die for our sins,God displayedhow great is His love for us.

The night that I failed to give an answer was the night I was reminded of this: more than knowledge, I must teach my children about God’s love for them and how they ought to love God with all their mind, heart and soul.


With Kuya “saling ketket” Ezekiel who joins us every session!

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