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Undeserved Blessings

It is exactly 12 midnight that I started to write my very first post on this blog site. My “very active” 2 year old son (pun intended) is soundly sleeping in front of me. My wife is due to give birth to our third child few days from now. My homeschooled eldest just finished his final portfolio review this afternoon and is set to be admitted to Grade 2 by next month… and here I am reflecting on all these great things… thinking what have I done to be a witness even a part of all these blessings.

I accommodated the thought of having a family only 9 years ago. Before that, I view life accomplishments as all about myself. What must I do to succeed? What is the threshold of being successful? How can I reach the peak of my chosen professional career? What are the practical steps must I take to get there?

Fast forward to the present, I began to understand and accept the fact that God may have a different path for me. Honestly, I do not see myself becoming a president of an already established multinational company. For now, I do not have the desire to be appointed to a very high ranking government office. Yes, I work hard and serve with passion. However, I always bear in mind that God entrusted me with something that is far more valuable than a lucrative career. I am a father. My children needs me during their formative years. Hence, I am willing to pass up any opportunity in my career that will compromise my time for them. I chose to homeschool them. As much as possible, I want to be present in all their milestones at this time.

Promotions are humanly attainable if one works hard. With right application of skills, one can enlarge his influence and possession. But having children is a gift from God. The gift of life does not solely depend on human skills or effort. It is God who breathes life into His creation. I am blessed to a be a steward of the blessing of life that God has given my children. Undeservingly, I received the blessing of fatherhood.

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